We are just two brothers with beards who enjoy good conversation, coffee and debating the great mysteries of the world.

This includes but is not limited to Politics, Aliens, Reality, Human Control and Manipulation through many outlets.  

Are you sure your reality is real, are you sure what you believe to be truth is true? Will we be a multi planet species soon? Will A.I. rule the world in the next ten years? Will we be able to live through our consciousness being downloaded for hundreds of years to come? Are we already part cyborgs and unaware? 

These among many other things will be discussed with a light hearted and open minded process that focuses on facts when they are available. Obviously with the fringe topics there will be mainly hypotheses and facts where they present themselves.

Proceed with caution, you may not be able to handle the truth.



My name is Micah Townsend. I'm a married father of 2 girls. I like playing video games in my free time. I also like to build and shoot guns. I'm very politically driven and love a good debate which is what I enjoy most about doing this podcast. It gives me a place to share my thoughts and opinions on a large range of different topics.


Well hello there, my name Is William Townsend. I am married to my beautiful wife Christina and blessed to be the father of our three little one's. Who are helping me go a little more bald each and everyday I might add lol. I enjoy discussing things from my own unique perspective in this life and events that most either pass over, or have never heard of. Everyone tells me I've never met a stranger and you either love or hate me, no middle ground it seems. I truly enjoy engaging others in conversation and getting to know how you think, process information and what makes you, you. Not to mention getting to the root of what you believe, and more importantly why you believe what you do. BOBB allows me to express myself to you on a very personal level as well as engage you the listener on levels that are so intriguing to me. All the while sharing corky and unique stories that I have a deep passion for.


For example, UFO's, Consciousness, Cryptids, multiplanetary colonization, time travel and so many black budget military experiments that took place. I enjoy digging deep into these topics and separating the facts from fiction while still exploring them with an open mind. Remember, where there is a Will, there is a way. And the human mind can take you further then you can imagine.